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About me

I started the home consultation service many years ago, as I feel it is necessary to be in a relaxed and comfortable environment, to consider such an important purchase.

“My hair is my pride and joy” and I’d be totally devastated if I lost it. I try and think about that when I’m talking to ladies and this helps me put myself in their position, so that I get the best result for them. I feel privileged to be able to help.

My service is so valued by many clients, that I have become like a confidante - these ladies have  invited me into their home and I spend

hours talking to them not only about their hair, but also about their illness or how they are feeling inside.

Every time I see ladies and hear their stories, It is quite an emotional time - they are putting their trust in me and I become like a friend to many, who become long-term clients.

Some woman want their wig to look identical to their natural hair, whereas others take advantage of the chance to have something completely different .

I work with many woman who are undergoing  cancer treatment, or who have lived for years trying to hide their alopecia thinning hair.

Until you lose your hair, you don’t realise that it can often mean losing your identity as a woman.

I also tailor-make wigs for people with alopecia, who often have small areas of hair loss and do not require a full wig.

A styling  and aftercare service is offered as part of the consultation service to clients.